Intentional Press exists primarily (but not exclusively) to publish book-length works and other media productions dealing in some way with human consciousness and intentionality.  The general field of topics appropriate to Intentional Press are non-local consciousness, remote viewing, remote perception, extra-sensory perception, and other mental modalities by which humans show the capability of transcending the usually-accepted limits of human perception and awareness.

The “intentional” in Intentional Press refers to the philosophical and psychological notion of “intentionality.” Intentionality has been described as the sense of “aboutness” that human consciousness experiences,  “aboutness” meaning the bare recognition of the existence of things outside ourselves, an awareness we experience even before we form any comprehension or understanding of what those things are.  Sense perception, followed by this form of intention, creates the foundation upon which all thought is grounded.

This first kind of intention is essential to have the second kind of intention: an action directed at a goal or objective.  If we did not have the first kind of intention, we could never experience the second kind, since we first have to be aware of the existence of anything to be able to direct a goal or action toward it.

So the “intentional” in “Intentional Press” really has two meanings.  The first “intentional” pertains to the foundational nature of awareness essential in the extension of consciousness into the world, which is what our books are about.  But the second “intentional” is the meaningful way in which we “intend” to make greater understanding on these subjects available to the world.

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